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We are looking for rural Kansas elementary schools to partner with us!​

What is iAmHealthy?

iAmHealthy is a school-based program that helps families learn about healthy lifestyles!

The program teaches healthy lifestyle skills that can help kids get to a healthy weight, so we are asking kids who are in grades 2-4 and are above the 85th percentile for BMI to participate. About 10-12 families from each participating school can sign up for the program.

What is offered during the program?

Children at your school will be offered either the newsletter or group-based program. Find more details about these programs under our page for parents. 

What schools can participate?

Any elementary school with grades 2-4 school in rural Kansas can participate. A school is considered rural if the town has a population of  less than 20,000.

What is required for participating schools?

Schools will be asked to identify at least one school staff person who will help coordinate the program at their school. This school staff person will:

  • Screen kids for height and weight

  • Contact parents of kids who are eligible (grades 2-4, BMI>85th) to tell them about the program.

  • For families who are interested, meet with the parent(s) to have them sign a consent form, take parent height and weight, and loan them an iPad and activity monitor.

  • The school representative will get the height and weight of each child and parent 10 times (at the beginning of the program, once a month for 8 months, and once at 20 months).

  • Collect iPads and activity monitors from families and ship them back to KUMC.

Are there incentives for schools to participate?


  • The school representative will be paid for their time ($30 per hour, up to $2000 per school site). The first payment will be mailed to the school staff once all families have enrolled in the program.

  • We will send a new digital scale and stadiometer to the school once all families are enrolled. These may be kept by the school after the program is over.

  • If desired, the option to participate in this educational, school-based program with the families.

How do I sign up my school?


Contact the iAmHealthy team at 1-877-588-3775 or A letter of support from your school principal or superintendent is required.


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